The Farmers

IMG_0843We are a mother/daughter farming team and are both passionate about growing vegetables and eating healthy and nutritious food.  Terry raised vegetables for her family for 25 years before she started the CSA; offering from this 25 years of knowledge and experience, along with learning from reading and workshops in the last 5 years she has a wealth of wisdom to offer. Julie brings her experience as a farm manager and intern on numerous organic farms to the duo. We have worked with each other on the farm intermittently over the last 5 years of CSA.

Terry and her husband have lived on this beautiful piece of land in the St. Croix River Valley since 1985, raising 6 children, a scatteri
IMG_0271ng of animals including chickens, sheep, horses, dogs and cats and enough vegetables to feed our family all summer and most of the winter.  She grew up in the Twin Cities, a “city” girl, but quickly adjusted to life in the country when they moved to the country with two young children.  Her love and appreciation for the land deepened over time as the family was nurtured by the constantly changing beauty and wonder around them.  Terry’s commitment to growing and eating healthy food has gro
wn out of her desire to do her part to make this planet a healthier place to live.  She loves interfacing with CSA members and sharing a common commitment to eating local and organic food.

Julie is the fifth child of the Arnold clan and grew up working with her siblings in the garden, hauling wood, and playing outside. Growing vegetables in community is part of her roots.  After college and 4 years as a seasonal transieIMG_0814nt, working on different farms and schools, Julie could not resist the call back to the family land. Her passion for farming goes beyond growing food; it is a way of life and building community. It also challenges the dominant framework that values profit above all else. She is excited about building community through CSA and creating new systems for relating to food and connecting with one another.